Business Guide

If you’re looking for the best internet business guide to follow, then you MUST follow these 2 steps. Failing to do these two points (especially the first one) will undoubtedly lead to an internet business failure!

Internet Business Guide

1. Find an online business model to suit you!

You absolutely must find a business model which you feel comfortable with and are happy doing on a daily basis for the rest of your internet business life.

I cannot tell you how many different online business systems I have followed simply because Mr X was making $10,000 a month with his system. The problem was that none of these systems suited my personality or my lifestyle because I was totally the opposite of the $10,000 a month guy, so consequently I failed!

2. Find a mentor that is willing to be flexible

This point leads on from the one above. Once you have found a system which you know you will be happy to do for the long-term of your internet venture, but you still need some guidance, then make sure you find a mentor that is willing to work your system.

The majority of mentors online at the moment are only willing to take you by the hand if you’re prepared to follow their proven system by the letter – no room for flexibility or moulding it to suit you.

They charge absolutely absurd monthly coaching fees with not much thought or regard to your needs, feelings or your lifestyle. And yet, these are the most important and fundamental foundation blocks of any online business.

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