Online Business Guide For Newbies

As numerous as the stars:
If there’s something I can say authoritatively about online business is that the opportunities for home business, real, sham or plain scam, are as numerous as the stars. I have had countless dead-ends, losing money unnecessarily. It is so easy for newbies to fall into the same trap.

The silver lining:
Owing to the complexity and unreliability of choices, giving up is the easiest option for those with lesser determination to succeed. I, myself, was in the precipice that beckoned the 97%, or so, who did not make it. Then I came across Harvey Segal’s “The Ultimate SuperTip.” This 39-page book is nothing but information on how to succeed in online business. It is my silver lining, my shot in the arm.

How to sell any product:
The number one hurdle any online business newcomer hurdles is to find a product to sell. This, alone, is enough to drive one nuts, not to mention the complexities of marketing/advertising which can only be effective if traffic-generation activities achieve its intended purpose.

The Ultimate SuperTip eliminates this problem of product-selection and promotion through a generic blueprint for doing so. These are:

1. Finding a niche through forums;
2. Pre-selling with good free information through e-books;
3. Article-marketing;
4. Using the power of affiliates;
5. Capturing leads and applying follow up campaigns.

Are they novel?
Yes and No! No, all the others promise these things. Yes, because only The Ultimate SuperTip have these in one package.

Bottom line:
Written in plain English, easy-to-read lay-out and font size, not cluttered with hype and meaningless testimonials, the Ultimate SuperTip is something dummies can easily understand and copy. Though I sensed a few missing words and awkward sentence composition, but these are inconsequential vis-a-vis its value as a business guide for starting-up online entrepreneurs.

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